The Purpose of “Purpose”

“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” W. Clement Stone – Bestselling author and founder of Combined Insurance Co.

At one time or another, we ask ourselves, “Why am I here?”  Or, “What is my purpose in this world?”  Many struggle daily to answer these questions.  Others never really try to answer them, believing they are impossible to define.  We’ve heard some people say, “They’re just rhetorical questions, right?  Nobody really has a unique purpose in life, do they?”

Seriously, the fact is everyone has a purpose, and you know it!  You may not know WHAT it is, but you know it to your soul that there is a reason why you are here.  Sadly, too few people in our society are encouraged – or taught how – to find and define their personal mission so they can live it with confidence every day!  You know people in your own life (friends, family and associates), and those you see in the media (Oprah, Bill Gates, Mother Theresa) who live with purpose in their lives.  They are the ones who create extraordinary value in the world.  They have a clear understanding of what they bring to this world, who they serve, and the value they provide.  Many know their purpose and act on it daily, but certainly not most!
Rhetorical questions?  No.  These questions are, in fact, the most important, real and challenging questions you will face while defining your Business of One.  To live a life of purpose, focus, and intent, each and every day IS your true challenge. Take some time now to think about these very real questions:

  • If you could do anything you want for work, would you do what you are doing now?  If not, what type of work would you do?  Would you work indoors or outside?  Would you write?  Lecture?  Think?  Fix things?  Build things?  Invent things?  Remember when you were a kid and you were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  How did you answer that question then?  Does it seem silly to you now, or does it still resonate within you in some way?  You still have a lot more growing to do, so what would you do now if you could do anything?  ALLOW yourself to answer this question now, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  • If you could bring value to this world, what value would you bring?  Would you help educate the young, the old?  Would you help feed the world?  Would you bring joy to people’s lives?  Aid those who suffer?  Help those in need?
  • If you could serve any group of people such as children, the elderly, adults, women, men, those suffering medically, those who are seeking answers, etc., who would you most like to serve?  Who would most value what you bring to the world?

These are the very questions that constitute the basis of a personal mission statement.