Planning for Success – With Real Meaning!

10 Keys to Planning for Success in your Business, Life and Relationships!
By Wayne H. Ottum

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.”
Brian Tracy

You may have heard the expression, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Yes, we try to plan. We set goals and New Year’s resolutions. We make project plans and “To Do” lists. We might even create a business plan, or sketch out a plan for our life. These are all good things, for sure. Many of us, however, find that after only a few short weeks we steer off course, experience frustration, and fall back into the rut we were in before, stuck. We discover these half-hearted efforts are, well, half-hearted and so next time, perhaps, we don’t even try.

If planning is as valuable as we are told (and it is), then what we really need is a simple, clearly defined process to help us create an individualized plan with real meaning, specific to our business, our life, and our relationships. It is a plan that literally compels us to act. A written “road-map,” so to speak, that resonates within and feels in alignment with the heart of our business and who we are, individually. A plan we can literally sink our teeth into and work it with gusto, each day, every day!

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Plan for an Extraordinary 2018!

The Art and Science Behind an Authentic Business Plan that Really Works
By Wayne H. Ottum

“If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do, and how to do it.” Abraham Lincoln

If business planning is as valuable as we are told (and it is), then what we need is a way to plan so that the resulting plan is a plan with real meaning.  One that literally compels you and your staff to act because it is a plan that naturally moves you toward what you truly desire.  It is a plan that feels in alignment with who you are authentically, so you act from a place of strength using your unique gifts.  It is a plan that works for you and your business and where everyone feels fulfilled and eager to work that plan every day.

There are five major components of an authentic business plan that will literally drive everyone in the business to the success you desire:

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The Three Types of Consulting Delivery: Which is Right for You?

by Wayne Ottum

“Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide
how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.”
Stephen R. Covey

When faced with challenges outside our own expertise, as business owners and leaders, we often turn to outside consultants for guidance. So, how do we select the best one when we need it? In our experience, even with our own clients, we have found most people don’t understand that consultants can deliver their services in three very different ways. Many people confuse these delivery methods, often seeking the wrong type of consultant for their unique needs, which is the topic of today’s article.

In addition, many are unfamiliar with how consultants charge for their services and often have difficulty aligning the cost of those services to the value they provide – or the return on investment. Our next installment in this two-part series will focus on how to properly value a consultant’s services and better understand the types of pricing models typically used.

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Mastering the Three “Sides” of Performance Management

by Wayne Ottum

“In business, words are words; explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only performance is reality.” Harold S. Geneen

What is the performance “reality” in your business?  Do you know for certain that each team and each individual is performing to the best of their abilities?  Do you have the tools in place to effectively measure and manage their performance?  Does your staff clearly know WHAT they are supposed to be doing?  Do they know what it means to do their job well?  Do they know what decisions they have authority to make and how to make them to drive revenue, create value for your clients, improve profits, and attain the goals of your business?

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Business Tip of the Month

Put Processes in Place in Your Business to Ask for Referrals
We all want referrals, right?  But have you put processes in place in your business to ensure your staff actually ask for them?  Assess your sales, customer service and business partner processes and determine the optimal time to ask.  This is generally when the customer experience is at its peak, when the service is delivered above expectations, or when your business partners receive the benefit of being your partner.  A simple place to request referrals is to make it a part of any formal feedback system.  If you ask “would you refer us?” then, give them a place to list a few.
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