A Unique Process to Meet Your Individual Needs

Invest in a Truly Personalized Foundation for Your Business, Your Life and Your Relationship

At Ottum Enterprises, we guide aspiring and successful individuals and businesses through a truly unique process for discovering and fully utilizing their unique gifts to achieve ever greater levels of authentic success and personal fulfillment.

—— STEP ONE ——

This exciting, life changing process begins by defining a clear and comprehensive vision of what you deeply desire in your business, life and relationship.  This step alone filters out external distractions that may be fueling frustration and negativity and replaces chaos with a clear direction; a direction that is energizing, meaningful, and literally compels you to take intentional action.

—— STEP TWO ——

The second step defines your unique set of values.  Once set, these values become your moral compass to help you stay on course as you journey toward your vision.  It is during this step that you gain clarity in decision-making and a solid understanding of who you are, as a business, individual, or couple, and how you desire to be.  Decisions become easier and more meaningful and you begin to live and act with integrity and authenticity each and every day knowing you are in true alignment.


The third and most important step of this process guides you to discover and embrace your unique purpose.  For businesses, this is your unique value proposition.  For individuals, it is discovering your unique gifts, your natural strengths, your natural learning style, and how you are intrinsically motivated, leading you to align your unique purpose in life around your strengths.  For couples, this means understanding how your unique individual gifts merge to create a solid  foundation of strength and understanding so you can experience the intimacy, romance and passion desired in your relationship.


Together, your unique vision, individual values, and clear purpose create a solid foundation on which to plan, build, and LIVE your dreams.  This “Strategic Foundation,” whether for a business, an individual, or a couple, gives you power, strength, and a feeling of “home,” a place to come back to if you stray from the path you defined.  It also provides a simple and effective filter for all your decisions as you need only ask one question when making any decision…  “Is this choice in alignment with my vision, my values, and my unique purpose?

As a result, chaos is now replaced with clarity.  Stress and anxiety are replaced with internal peace.  Fear and uncertainty become confidence, power and control.  A lack of direction and focus become clarity of direction and purposeful, intentional action.  The result is that, perhaps for the first time, your business, life and relationship become balanced, integrated and whole.  Negative energy and worry simply fall away, replaced by positive energy and a calm resolve.  And those things you thought were issues, roadblocks or troubles just disappear, replaced by more meaningful and easier decisions that feel right to you because you are actually LIVING the business, life and relationship you desire, each and every day.


Imagine the POWER of having a clearly defined vision, understanding your unique gifts, knowing your unique purpose that creates real meaning in your life, while using a set of values to guide you on your journey.

Ottum Enterprises’ Lead from Strength™, Live from Strength™ and Love from Strength™ services and processes give you the tools to define, create and manage the business, life and relationship you truly desire while challenging you to LIVE with meaning, purpose, joy, and fulfillment, each and every day for the rest of your life.


Now stop imagining…  It’s time to become who you are meant to be!  Begin the process today by requesting a free, no obligation consultation.