Intimacy as the Foundation of a Relationship

Intimacy is the foundation of a loving relationship on which romance and passion are built and sustained, as well as the engine that drives the romantic energy in the relationship.  Intimacy is about the connection, direct communication, understanding, and trust that come from close association, contact and familiarity, and very personal and private interactions between two people.  Being intimate says, “I love you,” and so much more!

Intimacy is the foundation of every loving, healthy relationship and intimate moments can happen, literally, at any moment at any time.  Romantic moments, on the other hand, build from that foundation and often take planning.  It is the planning and effort that, in large part, makes those moments even more special.  And without the energy intimacy creates, the desire for romance wanes.  If the energy is there, romantic moments can be experienced.  Then comes passion; that deep physical and emotional drive (attraction) or feeling (expression) for one another.  True passion can rarely be achieved when one or both partners do not feel connected, understood, or trusted.  And it is often the romantic gestures that stoke the embers created by intimacy so romance can start the fire so passion can be released.  The close relationship between intimacy, romance, and passion is described here in what we call “The Passion Pyramid”.