Our Mission

Our mission at Ottum Enterprises is to guide aspiring and successful businesses, individuals, and couples to ever greater levels of success and personal fulfillment.  Through our personalized processes of self-discovery, we guide you to fully utilize the power of your strengths (your unique gifts) to intentionally, purposefully and authentically live your dreams, today and every day.

Our Vision

At Ottum Enterprises, we envision a world where every business “leads from strength;” tapping into the unique gifts of its people who are naturally and authentically motivated to create outstanding success for the organization and extraordinary value for those they serve. We envision a world of ever-growing, improving and successful businesses that support and nourish their owners, staff, partners and clients with an abundance of wealth, purpose and fulfillment.

We see a world where every individual  “lives from strength;” acting intentionally to create ever greater success in their life, however they choose to define it.  A world where everyone is acting with purpose and intent, experiencing personal fulfillment by using their unique gifts to their fullest to create real and meaningful value.  A world where we all are acting and making decisions authentically and in alignment with who we really are.

We imagine a world where every couple “loves from strength;” acting together and as an independent partner to create the intimacy, romance and passion they desire.  A world where couples have deep, meaningful connections, mutual respect for the unique gifts each brings to their relationship and where they use those gifts to intentionally create the relationship of their dreams.

At Ottum Enterprises, our vision is a world where every business leads from strength, every individual lives from strength, and every couple loves from strength, today and every day!

Our Values

We eat our own dog food, so to speak, as we are guided to Lead, Live & Love from Strength™ by these business ethics:

  • Value First: Our passion is to create an abundance of value by providing extraordinary service to our clients, partners and community.
  • Continual Challenge: We continually challenge ourselves, our clients, our partners and our community to ever greater levels of success, as they define it, through a focus on our unique gifts.
  • Excellence is Our Measure: Our commitment to our clients is excellence in all we do as we provide the highest quality products and services to create authentic and lasting positive results.
  • Honor and Respect: We honor and respect ourselves, our partners and our clients by being reliable, responsible and accountable in all we think, say and do.
  • Positive Attitude: We approach our work with energy, pride and a positive attitude while nurturing our strengths and creating healthy work-life integration.
  • Appreciation: We are grateful for the abundance of health, wealth and love that we have, and that we challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve.
  • Involved: We are involved, connected and concerned for the welfare of the communities in which we serve.
  • Honest Communication: We communicate openly, honestly, directly and with sincerity and integrity.

Discover the power, confidence, success, joy and fulfillment that can be yours when you Lead, Live & Love from Strength™ by requesting a free, no obligation consultation NOW!