“I wanted to say thank you for this journey and learning experience. It has been very enjoyable, a great learning experience, lots of fun to think in depth about all these topics (which I obviously would never have done otherwise) and it is making me feel more confident about business, the future and growth (growth the way I want to grow). The process has gotten me very excited about what is possible in the future. The process has made me think of even greater earnings potentials in the future and perhaps some growth beyond what I thought I wanted. Thank you very much for your time and guidance.” Doug Scheer, Lucy Construction, Woodinville WA

Dan Hurst

I was just taking a minute to think about the workshop you conducted and wanted to again share my appreciation.  The level of passion, effort, and care that you have shown has exceeded my expectations.  I felt the workshop was a great success.  You delivered what you promised, it took on a life of its own, and you guided the process effortlessly while providing a safe place for everyone to share ideas. So far all the feedback I have gotten has been positive and everyone really enjoyed your facilitation.  I am sure I speak for Pat as well when I say, thank you, and we are really looking forward to the challenges and hard work that lie ahead.

L. K.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your help last year. Your guidance and advice helped me make the right decision at a crucial point in my life, and I am grateful. I am so incredibly happy and fulfilled in my new relationship and I would have never met him if I hadn’t gained the courage I needed to take the next step in my life. Thank you again for helping me define my needs in a relationship and encouraging me to find the right person to share my life with. I’ll be forever grateful.

Katie Walsh

I am so grateful to have met you during my visit to get advice about starting a nonprofit organization five years ago. You have truly been an amazing mentor over the years, and I appreciate all the help and guidance you have continued to provide. Thank you for finding the time to always help me with my different requests whether it be questions about running a business, networking, or with my homework. You are amazing!  Thank you very much!

Teresa Richter.

Wayne is an amazing business coach. He really takes the time to personally get to know each individual and their unique situation. He is able to offer personalized and unique suggestions and solutions as part of building the business plan. His style emphasizes focusing on each person’s unique set of strengths to learn how to deal with situations that may arise, and to do business in alignment with who they are. Wayne’s method is freeing because it allows you to be who you are and to let go of any true weaknesses.

Craig S.

I want to thank you for publishing a great book.   During a 6 day trip my wife and I took moments to read your book, answer the questions, fill out the exercises, etc., and to be very candid about what we each wanted and perhaps lacked in our relationship.  It was part of an experience unlike any we had shared in nearly 10 years.  We discovered love for the first time, and we give partial credit to the discussions stimulated by your common sense book.  We’re back dreaming again.  Thanks bunches.  I’ll order 2 more books for each of my children so they can build their strong relationships even stronger.

Misty Fisher

The Personal Growth Challenge™ provided me with a great experience that both challenged me to define what I wanted and taught me to recognize my unique talents and use them to improve my work and life experiences. As a result, I have been able to focus my actions and intentions on the correct path for me. Wayne’s unique ability to see ahead and guide me, by challenging me to discover it within myself, made the outcome real and genuine, and therefore a much stronger impact in my life.

Marie Maguire

Wayne Ottum provided me with guidance during the start up of my business. He understands strengths and communication styles and did an excellent job in guiding me to build a business completely in line with who I am. He is uniquely gifted at drawing one’s best qualities to the surface to influence decisions in a positive way. My business is thriving because of all that Wayne brought to the conversation.

Wayne Bishop

Wayne helped us to clearly define our services and create a value proposition that will be in demand in the market. His process and methodology helped us to define an effective marketing strategy, allowing us to move forward with clarity and confidence to build the company we envisioned. What was great was that we were not forced into some boilerplate template. Instead, the Business Growth Challenge™ process allowed us to create a plan that we can be proud of knowing it is based on our vision, our values, and our goals.

Ben Brittingham

Wayne’s council and advice has and will continue to be invaluable to me and I highly recommend his Personal Growth Challenge™ service to anyone who wants to define a clear focus and direction in their life. Wayne was highly professional, keeping me on track and focused while encouraging and challenging me to explore all my options. I know that I am now in position to achieve my dreams.