Embracing Your Unique Talents

Embracing Your Unique Talents

The Power of Discovering and Using Your Unique Talents in Your Business and Life!

“The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your whole soul into it – every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.” John Rockefeller

“Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well.  We cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t use that ability as best we can.” George Allen – Professional Football Coach

No matter our chosen profession, and regardless of our upbringing, we all have a natural way of being and we intuitively know our “way of being” (in terms of personality, talents, capabilities, ways of communicating, and ways of being motivated) is different from those around us.  We know from experience when we are in alignment with our natural way of being.  We perform better, feel better, we have more success, feel more fulfilled and we get outstanding results.  We may not exactly know WHY we are in alignment, but we know when we are and when we are not.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could be in alignment more often?  Imagine how much more productive, prosperous, happy, fulfilled and successful you could be if we were performing “in alignment” more often than not!  What would it mean to you to have this kind of success, fulfillment and peace of mind?

What it we told you that such success and fulfillment is within your reach and that you need only discover and purposefully and intentionally use your natural way of being, which we will call your “unique talents,” each and every day?  This is the exact message of this column and what we firmly believe to be true at Ottum Enterprises!  We have seen it over and over with our clients; when they discover and align their careers, business and life to their “unique talents,” suddenly, almost by magic (though it is far from that), things just seem to get easy!  Yes, there is an “easy button,” and it is found when you are in alignment with your “unique talents.”

So what are our “unique talents” and how do we discover them and use them with purpose and intent to create personal and business success and fulfillment?

Our Unique Talents

There are three aspects of who you are (outlined below) that intertwine to form your “unique talents” and create the basis on which you bring a unique value to the world.  By exploring and understanding these three aspects of who you naturally and intrinsically are, you can then purposefully and intentionally use them to drive your success.  These three intrinsic characteristics that form your “unique talents” are:

  • Your strengths.  These are your natural capabilities that can be honed with practice and skill to true mastery to become your unique strengths.
  • Your learning style.  This is the dominant way you process and communicate information.
  • Your motivation style.  This is the natural or intrinsic way in which you are motivated or compelled to action.

Together, these personal aspects provide you with a unique set of tools that can be packaged and, in effect, sold to perspective “buyers.”  This could be employers who need those skills, or you can apply them to your own business and then directly to your customers, or you can share them with your family while you raise your children, care for aging parents, or develop your personal relationships.  Our unique combination of these aspects of ourselves gives each one of us a very unique set of gifts that when used with purpose and intent provide a powerful set of tools that can provide unique value and create personal fulfillment.

You can learn to do most anything but personal fulfillment and excellence come only when you are aligned with your true self; your inherent talents, your unique learning style, and your intrinsic motivations.  Can you be happy without that?  Of course!  Happiness is a choice, after all.  But we are talking about true personal fulfillment and the ability to consistently perform at an extraordinarily high professional level.  That comes only when you are truly doing what you were meant to do.  And what you were meant to do is most likely found when you are in alignment with your true self; your unique strengths, learning style, and motivations.

Discovering Our Unique Talents

How do you discover your “unique talents”?  Fortunately, this is a fairly easy task.  We have developed a set of exercises that will not only help you discover your strengths, learning style and motivation style, but help you to go deeper and truly understand how to use the results to create a clear picture of your unique gifts and how you can use them to create value and achieve outstanding success and personal fulfillment.  If you would like more information on our Talent Alignment Assessment, just email us at info@nullottumenterprises.com.

Using Your Unique Gifts

As we mentioned above, the key to creating the success and fulfillment that comes with alignment to one’s unique gifts is using them with purpose and intent.  Just what does it mean to use them with purpose and intent?

To use your gifts with purpose means to use them to provide real value, that is, for a unique purpose!

  • For your business, this means using your gifts to better ensure you and your company deliver on your unique value proposition and mission.  If you are a small business owner or “solopreneur,” the real value of your services lies in your “unique talents”, so aligning your business to them naturally and easily propels you and the business to success.  As importantly, by aligning your business to your talents, and hiring the services for which you are not aligned, you will feel greater fulfillment and peace of mind and eliminate the “drudgery” of running a business.
  • For you and your career, it means using your gifts to provide the best possible value to your employer and to improve your productivity.  Imagine feeling, each day, you are providing real value, that you are hitting on all cylinders and that you valued and appropriately compensated for that value.  This is the power of aligning your career to you ““unique talents”.”
  • In your life, it means purposely using your gifts to create and enhance your relationships and to give the greatest value to your family and those you love.  Imagine knowing how you can best serve those you love and know how to give that love in the most naturally loving way.  The result is deeper, more meaningful relationships and the feeling of those you love that you are giving your love freely, easily and naturally!

To use your unique gifts intentionally means to use them to create and live the business and life you truly desire.

  • In your business, this means to use them to take your business in the direction you have defined for it and to achieve your business vision.  What is your “exit strategy” for your business and how can your gifts be used to reach this vision?  When your vision of success is clear you can then chose to do those things today that will most likely lead to that success.  And when you choose to do those things in alignment with your “unique talents,” the likelihood of that success increases exponentially.
  • In your life, intentionally using your gifts means to create and live your personal vision of the life you truly desire.  With a clear vision of the life you desire, you can act today using your unique gifts to achieve that vision and to actually LIVE IT, to the extent possible, TODAY!  Intentionally using your “unique talents” TODAY means you are intentionally LIVING the life of your dreams!  No more waiting for your life to find you, you are “intentionally” living it each day.

Whatever you want more of in your business, career and life, you can achieve it faster, more efficiently and with greater fulfillment when you purposefully and intentionally use your “unique talents.”  What is the alternative?  It is a business, career or life of constantly fighting against yourself, working to overcome “weaknesses,” and continually rolling the rock uphill each day, only to see it roll down again each night.  Now imagine a life of easily and naturally moving in the direction you desire; a life of personal success and fulfillment.  Imagine a life focused on your strengths and natural gifts.  This is the power of discovering and using, with purpose and intent, your “unique talents.”

To discover your “unique talents” and to find your power of alignment, call us at 206.351.4656 or email us at info@nullottumenterprises.com.  And look for more information about creating the business, life and relationship of your dreams at ottum2.wpengine.com.